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Beyond the Edge

I have always thought of the world as if it was an extraordinary book.
To me traveling was the best way to keep turning the pages, so I could keep discovering new stories.
During each trip, the pleasure of getting lost and then finding my way back has continuously given me different perspectives and new points of view.
I have tried to bring this approach to my company, reading the book of real life with open eyes looking for the right solutions, always ready to discover new truths.

However, every story always needs a starting point, which in my case begins in the medieval world heritage town of Matera, in the heart of the Basilicata region where I was born.
I studied Medicine at Padua University but did not complete my studies.
It was an immense sorrow for my mother who was widowed very young and had made enormous sacrifices to enable me to study.
I am sure that even today she has not yet overcome this sorrow because at her ripe old age she still discreetly reminds me of it.

Several years ago, I returned to Padua for a visit.
A Physician friend of mine, organized a surprise dinner with all my former university friends who are now doctors and professors.
Throughout the evening comments such as, “I am the head of cardiology”, “I am a dentist and I have my private practice”, “I am dermatologist”, and so on, were made.
I was the only one among them who didn’t complete my medical studies, but I was not embarrassed by that.

I emphasized the fact that even though I had not completed my studies I had happily had different experiences, traveled a lot, learned other languages, meet interesting people and so on, but, I am sure I did not impress them so much with such conversation.
I have to try to do something innovative I thought, in order to open their eyes to the alternatives that exist in this world, beyond the realm of formal education.

In 2017 I founded my new company “Dynamic Brain Lab” with the aim of making the first non-invasive biosensor for measuring blood glucose, and thus the Glucoscanner was born.
Tomorrow is just beyond the edge of the current page in each of our books.
In order to seize tomorrow, you need perseverance, determination and ability, so as to turn difficulties into the opportunities of growth and development.
These are the force which flows between tradition and discovery, between past and future, between reality and vision.
These have created my identity and my company and continue to enable the fascinating story that keeps pushing me ahead, in order to read on.

A few years ago, I started a new chapter in this extraordinary book of life.
My hart will be always in Italy, but my soul is now in Japan. I have chosen this country for my new journey and is where I established my family.