Dynamic Brain Lab [DBL] is a Japanese Research & Development company based in Tokyo.  Dynamic Brain Lab was fonded 2016 aiming to create Glucoscanner a innovative, non-invasive healthcare and medical monitoring device for blood glucose levels. Glucoscanner working through optical technology and signal processing methods. Our CTO Office Team of experts has combined years of experience in AI, Big Data, Software Development, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering to achieve this.





The biosensor will be the first non-invasive device for monitoring blood glucose levels using optical technology and signal processing methods.

Please consider that 8% of the population in any country suffer for diabetes.

The target application of Glucoscanner is to replace invasive electrochemical tests which require finger pricking and blood extraction. Glucoscanner does not require any invasive procedure what-so-ever, such as finger pricking to draw blood sample, thus avoiding arm patches, test strips, lancets and other such additional ancillary disposable product costs.

Glucoscanner can be used a number of times per day by people suffering from Diabetes.

Glucose monitoring by our system is based on optical acquisition of PPG signals and electrical properties of skin.

Glucoscanner contains a special purpose spectrometer, so its function can be extended for sensing other biological compounds.



Started when discussing Glucoscanner with various automotive businesses and learned about the interest in the detection of low glucose, a state which is connected with an increased rate of accidents.

Occhiolino is a system intelligence platform comprehending the cognitive state of people able to monitor health condition and capability. The system is able to measure the users when is not in the condition to drive/work and can detect continuously Low Glucose, Alcohol, Drowsiness, drugs and more. We have a unique approach based on our studies of human behaviors. The system aims to cover as many factors as possible, which have been shown to increase the risk of accidents while driving/working or performing focus intensive tasks. We can identify when for a driver or workers is better to stop rest, or call emergency services.


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