The core of the Tokyo team

Stefano is a researcher, with training from Sapienza University of Rome, expertise in EEG, emotions, biosignals and cognitive science.
Most recently he is into R&D and start-ups.

Stefano Valenzi, PhD.
Chief Scientist

Peter got his degrees from Slovak Technical University, experience in 15 years of research at RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan. He knows everything about technology.

Peter Jurica
Chief Technologist

Nicola is a seasoned enterpreneur with background in management with world's fashion giants, matching human resources to high level jobs and developping business.

Nicola Grieco
Chief Executive Officer

Roberto advises us on busniness and marketing. Roberto has background in power electronics and automation, as a businessman he spent 15 years developing and managing solar projects all over the world.

Roberto Forlani
Business Concept Developer

Retired as Director of Renesas Electronics America, Inc. With over 30 years in semiconductor/Microcontroller business in US and Japan, Jun is our main interface with Japanese electronics businesses.

Jun Ueda
Senior Advisor

Kaoru is an experienced bilingual liaison with public, navigates for us in the world of Japanese healthcare businesses. Kaoru also handles accounting and all sorts of humanly tasks difficult for engineers.

Kaoru Goldie
Public Affairs Liaison

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